Wills & Estates

Expecting the unexpected means planning your future.

Securing Your Future

Planning for a worst-case scenario helps ensure a best-case outcome

Well-planned Wills and Powers of Attorney for property and personal care can make the difference for you and your family. The Will allows your Trustee to act on your estate’s behalf and carry out your written instructions. The Powers of Attorney allow a person you trust to handle your affairs while you are incapacitated, and to do so properly and legally.

SMM Law’s experienced team will guide you through the process of developing a complete and accurate Will, Power of Attorney agreement, or Estate plan that ensures all of your wishes are recorded and respected.

When the time comes, we will assist you with the administration of the estate of your loved one after death. We can help with the paperwork, the telephone calls, the assets, and the liabilities so that you can carry out the terms of the Will. We ensure that the process is made as manageable and smooth for you as possible.

A Living Document

Your Will should be written early and revised continuously throughout your life.

As you reach milestones such as property acquisition, marriage, birth of a child, and more, it’s essential to revisit your Will. Changes to your health and wealth can also necessitate revisions.

Whether you’re seeking to draft an entirely new document or looking to revise an existing Will, SMM Law can help.

Our Wills and Estates team can help with…

  • Preparing and administering Power of Attorney for Personal Care (an enforceable alternative to a “Living Will”) documents and oaths
  • Preparing and administering Continuing Power of Attorney for Property documents and oaths
  • Preparing and advising decision making for new Wills
  • Revising and advising decision making for existing Wills
  • Guiding Will and Estate planning for common law relationships, separated couples, and other relationships
  • Guiding Estate planning decisions, including advice regarding provisions for loved ones and the handling of property, investments, and other assets
  • Administering Wills and Estates, including appointing Estate Trustees
  • Contacting and assisting Estate Trustees in the event of your death