Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths services.

Your Authenticity Guarantee

Protecting yourself and your documents

If a document needs to be sworn to be used in Ontario, you can meet with one of our Commissioners for Oaths to review the document, attest to the truth and accuracy of all statements in the document, and then sign it in front of the Commissioner who will also sign the document and place his or her stamp on it.

If the institution or organization you are dealing with is located outside of the Province of Ontario, or if it requires notarial seals or notarial signatures from you, each of our lawyers is also an Ontario Notary Public.

We are often able to offer a flat rate for notarization of documents.

In need of a Commissioner for Oaths?

You’re in luck. Lawyers in Ontario automatically have all the powers of Commissioners for Oaths (also called Commissioners for Taking Affidavits).

Note, however, that not all Commissioners for Oaths are also Notaries Public.

When you might need a Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Public

  • To confirm the accuracy of a written statement that will be used as evidence in court
  • To witness or administer an oath, affirmation, or declaration
  • Transferring ownership of some types of property (such as a used vehicle) to another person
  • Gifting some types of property (such as a used vehicle) to a family member
  • Applying for a municipal licence
  • Authenticating copies of personal, company, and business documents
  • Authenticating copies of essential documents used in application packets, to avoid losing your original document (e.g. visa applications)
  • Verifying that signatures and marks on a document are true or genuine