Family Law

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Providing legal guidance for planned and unplanned changes to family and relationship dynamics.

Navigating Your Relationships

Our Of Counsel Bobbi-Jo Saucier and her Family Law team can guide you through the ups and downs of your life’s relationships

Couples contemplating living together or marrying often want to create some certainty to address the possibility of future separation. Cohabitation Agreements and Pre-Nuptial Agreements address this need. Couples who are married, but are now separating, also often want written agreements to clarify the terms of their separation.

For couples living in common law relationships, this can come with its own legal complications in the face of unexpected change. While common law couples have many options to achieve similar rights and recognition as married couples, there are certain steps required to protect yourselves in the face of intestacies (one partner dying without a will) and property division upon separation.

Children can enrich a relationship, but in the face of separation it is essential to protect and guarantee their best interests, now and in the future. Custody and other obligations should be negotiated with legal representation.

Bobbi-Jo Saucier and her team will assist you with all of these matters, including, if necessary, courtroom litigation with respect to custody, support, or other issues arising upon separation or divorce.

Family Law’s role throughout a relationship

Family Law services are not simply involved in divorce, separation, and other less-than-happy events.

Family Law planning and advice can guide you through growing a family (adoption and foster parent adoptions), ensuring protections for your partners (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate plans), and even advance planning to prevent future disputes (cohabitation and prenuptial agreements).

Bobbi-Jo Saucier and her team can assist with…

  • Guiding the preparation of documents (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate plans, and more) to ensure provision and protection within common law relationships and marriages
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Prenuptial agreements and marriage contracts
  • Divorce and separation representation
  • Preparing documents clarifying terms of separation
  • Custody agreement (including child support) guidance
  • Other separation-related support and agreements specifically with regards to relationships with children and more.