Environmental Law

Respecting Our Greatest Asset

Helping find the balance between protecting the environment and defending your interests.

SMM Law Professional Corporation is proud to offer services in select areas of Environmental Law. With increasing awareness of the impact of people on the environment, the legal framework regulating how these impacts are handled both by businesses and private individuals is becoming ever more complex.  Let us assist you or your business in navigating the laws and regulations to obtain the best possible result.

We have experience with:

  • Groundwater and soil contamination
  • Odour emissions
  • Noise emissions
  • Air emissions
  • All types of waste impacts

We have appeared before many environmental and land use related administrative tribunals including the Environmental Review Tribunal, the Ontario Municipal Board, Drainage Tribunal, and the Ontario Energy Board.

What is the Environmental Review Tribunal?

The ERT is an administrative tribunal that holds hearings and issues decisions, reports or recommendations based on law, evidence and a duty to protect the environment.

You may find yourself interacting with the ERT if your affairs or proposals are affected by legislation such as the Environmental Protection Act or the Ontario Water Resources Act.

To learn more about the ERT please see their website.