Prepare For Your Visit

Ensure your appointment is efficient and effective.

SMM Law’s Response to Public Health Recommendations in the Face of COVID-19

Increased Sanitation Measures

To minimize the risk of infection from all sources, not only COVID-19 (coronavirus), SMM Law increased its regular disinfection of all areas open to clients and high-touch surfaces to twice a day early in March 2020.

As always in the winter influenza months, we continue to have hand sanitizer greeting you in our reception area. We also have client meeting rooms that are large enough to respect the current social distancing recommendations.

Communication Adaptations

For over twenty years we have been using email and telephone conference calling whenever suitable to consult with clients. This option is available and encouraged.

If you are uncertain if your appointment or consultation can adequately be handled via remote communication, please call us to discuss.

Suggestions for Clients

In addition to encouraging everyone in the community to follow Health Canada’s Guidelines for Preparing for COVID-19, we offer the following suggestions for visitors to the office:

  • Make use of the automatic door openers when entering the Fleming Building. Avoid touching the push buttons directly with your hands.
  • Make use of the hand sanitizer available in our office.
  • Avoid shaking hands with any members of our team.
  • And, of course, if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone who is unwell, please do not come to your appointment. You are welcome to call us to cancel or reschedule.

Final Remarks

We are committed to doing our part to reduce the transmission of all infectious diseases that are present in our province and our county.
If you have any concerns regarding an upcoming in-person visit to SMM Law, please call us at (905) 372-3395. We understand that some clients may be in a demographic that is at a higher risk for severe complications. If you are uncertain or uncomfortable about coming in for an appointment, we respect this and encourage you to reschedule.
Statement last revised December 15, 2020.

What to Bring

In general, please bring the following with you to every appointment:

  • Current identification (Passport, Driver’s Licence or Ontario Photo ID Card, preferably. We cannot accept photo health cards as primary identification, even if they are current.)
  • Any previous versions of documents that are relevant to your upcoming appointment.
  •  A valid form of payment (We accept Mastercard, Visa, debit, cheque, eTransfer, and cash. With cash payments, clients will be required to sign additional documents.)
  • Any additional documents (refer to the guide below).


Call us directly if you have any questions about what you should bring to your appointment.

Additional Documents

Two pieces of current identification, keys (if selling), certified cheque or bank draft (if purchasing), any relevant information requested in our initial letter.

Appointment not listed?

Documentation needs vary on a case-by-case basis. For all other appointments, please call us to ensure you bring the correct documents.